is portal information about Malang Raya and also a web-based marketplace that facilitates fellow merchants to open up business opportunities to the wider sphere and massive. and malangcard which are integrated with the physical form of itself.


malangcard functioned as a membership card. By showing this card and member’s identity, and of course with the commitment of the merchants, the members will get discounts or other attractive promotions.


Promote Your Business 

Every merchant who join will get the publicity that is tailored to their segment as much as possible towards the target market. The goal is to make our partner’s brand visible to the customers.

Connect & Collaborate

By being a part of us allows the merchant to integrate with other merchants that have the same field or in collaboration with those from different fields and also works together with communities around us.

Get Limitless New Market 

Our powerful marketing tools and marketing plan is developed by innovative and creative professionals in order to create a “new market” for our business partners.


We realize that we can only continue to grow and be able to move forward if our partners are also developing, then we provide business consulting services for them. We have a team of experienced researcher and analyst in the field of conventional business and e-commerce. With a data base that we have we can provide consultancy and advice relating to the business carried on by our partners.